Product Features

  • Lightweight, ease of handling
  • Ease of stripping
  • No razor sharp edges exposed
  • Robust & durable construction
  • Exact diameter and length.
  • No wastage
  • Architectural grade available.
  • Ready to go on site next day
  • Full technical support
  • Competitively priced

Plastube is the lightweight, strong column formwork that is made-to-measure for your applications.

We have gathered 35 years of experience within the formwork construction industry, soak well products and retention systems. We know our pipes. We know our Customers and we understand what our customers require.

Plastube branches manufacture PVC spirally wound formwork columns from 250mm to 1050mm.

Additionally Plastube Qld manufactures columns to an even greater diameter of 2000mm. Columns to this diameter can be manufactured in Queensland and shipped to location anywhere the customer requires.


The columns are manufactured to order in dedicated factories located in Bayswater in Victoria, Brisbane in Queensland & Strathfield South in New South Wales, reducing shipping time and additional costs which is why we are able to pass savings on to our customers. If the quantity of formwork warrants it the machinery and equipment can be shipped to a nearby site thereby saving significant freight costs.

David, Terry and Ivan can provide technical and practical advice to ensure your project proceeds smoothly and without delay. We are also available to provide on the spot quotes and/or formal project quotes. Just give us a call or fill in our online quote application.

Be assured that Plastube guarantees quality and products that are competitively priced.

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