Product Features

  • Lightweight, ease of handling
  • Ease of stripping
  • No razor sharp edges exposed
  • Robust & durable construction
  • Exact diameter and length.
  • No wastage
  • Architectural grade available.
  • Ready to go on site next day
  • Full technical support
  • Competitively priced


I would like to introduce an addition to our already impressive product range.

Our existing customers would already know that Plastube utilize two different profiles, 98fw our lightweight profile and 140fw our heavy duty profile.

In addition to these two proven and well known profiles we can now provide an alternative, viz 85 profile.

Circular forms utilizing 85 profile are amazingly strong and robust, as the safe height chart below demonstrates.

Circular forms made from 85 profile are designed for in ground use only, with the form remaining in situ. These forms are not designed for above ground use.

The benefit to our customers is that these circular forms are of a similar or greater strength of comparable forms manufactured from our existing heavy duty profile, but circular forms manufactured from 85 profile share the same pricing structure as our lightweight forms.

Please find below some samples of circular forms manufactured from 85 profile. SPI. SPI.


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