• Lightweight.
  • Rigid .
  • Durable.
  • 100% Water Proof.
  • Exact sizing system.
  • No Wastage.
  • Fast order turn around.
  • Two profiles available.
  • Inside out tubes.
  • Most cost effective and versatile Column Form on the market.

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Plastube PVC Light or Heavy Weight Bored Piers

Plastube column formwork is ideally suited for in ground situations. The tubes remain in position and covered after pouring is completed and the concrete is cured.

Even in areas where wet and sandy conditions prevail and the excavated area collapses into itself, our heavy duty profile ( 140fw ) can be utilized. This profile for diameters greater than 400 mm diameter provides a very stiff and strong form able to withstand the pressure of the collapsing adjoining native soil.

Our lightweight profile ( 98fw ) can also be successfully utilized in situations other than the above.

Please refer to the slide show to the left of the page to ascertain a visual impression of our 2 profiles.

Also, in our 98fw profile we are also able to manufacture our tubes inside out ( within certain parameters). This enables easier insertion of the tube where tolerances are tight.

Made to order, fast, reliable, satisfaction assured!

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