• Lightweight.
  • Rigid .
  • Durable.
  • 100% water proof.
  • Exact sizing system.
  • No wastage.
  • Fast order turn around.
  • Easy to install, pour & strip.
  • Two profiles available.
  • Most cost effective & versatile Column Form on the Market.


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Plastube PVC Light Weight Column Formwork

Plastube Column Forms are the only economical forms that can be made to order in any diameter and lengths.

Plastube columns are available in two profiles; a lightweight profile (98fw) is suitable for smaller diameters, although it can still be used for short lengths of larger diameters. Also available is our heavyweight profile (140fw) which is ideal for larger diameters up to 2000mm.

Please ring a member of the Plastube Team who will assist in determining your requirements.

This allows an engineer to design a column to exact millimeter sizing, thus avoiding the need to go up to a standard size and waste concrete.

Due to the ease of stripping, Plastube can be left on until the last moment. The use of Plastube formwork reduces the “critical Path” timeline on the project chart.

Made to order, fast, reliable, satisfaction assured!


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